About us

About us

ABC Studio

ABC Studio is a company established on June 1st, 2019, dealing with planning and design of buildings and estates of all sorts.

We chose to see architecture as a means of communication, both verbal and graphic. We tailor a personalized design for each of our projects, accounting for the ideas, dreams, and the purpose of each of our clients. We aim to deliver a concept and design fit to earn your trust.

Our designs begin with ideation projects in schematics and 3D-based models and are effortlessly turned into technical and working projects.

The process of each project goes through precise teamwork with all of our specialists and designers in order to ease the construction process and to reduce all obscurities of the actual execution to a minimum. We maintain a constant dialogue with the construction companies during the entire execution period to guarantee that at the end of it, our clients are entirely satisfied with the results – namely, the building of their dreams, designed and built according to their vision and desire.

Our portfolio consists of a variety of buildings, differentiated by style, purpose, and function. We’re always ready to embark on new projects, regardless of its kind, because we view every new task as a challenge.